Gluten and Wine

I was asked recently at a wine tasting at the Wine Room about gluten-free wines.

Given this enquiry and with more and more gluten-free food products becoming available due to demand I thought I would do some research.

As always you should do your own research and consult medical professionals before making a decision about wine and your particular situation.

My initial response to the question was that I thought wine is generally gluten free. Following a good look around the internet it appears that is correct.

There is no gluten in grapes or in the yeast that ferments the juice to make wine.

On the net there was some discussion regarding wheat meal being used to plug cracks in oak wine barrels. It was generally felt this would impart negligible or trace amounts of gluten into a wine and the practice is rarely used these days.

So in essence all or most wines are gluten-free.

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